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Reimbursement Information for US Invited Participants

Receipts and Per Diem

Kyoto, Japan is considered a high cost area by the University of Georgia (UGA). As of 2/1/09 the per diem rate is $248. We ask that you retain all receipts for all expenses incurred to avoid problems with customary reimbursement. However, please keep in mind that in 2007, when the original grant was written, the NSF approved budget for the workshop gave a total reimbursement of $1800 per person. So, we wish to keep the expenses as low as possible to allow as many attendees as possible. Fortunately, Kyoto University is providing the housing accommodations.

Reimbursement Forms

If you are a US Citizen and wish to obtain reimbursement from UGA you will need to fill out the following forms:*Honoraria For Services Performed Outside the US.

Type "Honoraria" as the keyword, select the correct form, and print two copies

--- copy (1) should have everything filled out including your signature on line (9)
--- copy (2) should only include your signature on line (9)
* Include an itemized list of expenses along with paid receipts (when applicable)

If you are a Nonresident Alien (NRA) and wish to obtain reimbursement from UGA you will need to provide the same information as above, but also include a copy of your passport, visa, and I94.

All forms, documents, and original receipts must be mailed, together, to:

University of Georgia
Physics & Astronomy
Stephanie Crowe, Rm 220
Physics Buildiing
Cedar Street
Athens, GA 30602-2451