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Program of the Kyoto workshop on Cold atoms and molecules

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23 Tuesday - Ultracold atoms/Feshbach resonances

  8:40am Introductory remarks Yoshiro Takahashi

  8:50am Mineo Kimura Remembrances Phillip Stancil

  9:00am 1. (Plenary) John Doyle

"Cold and Ultracold Molecules and Buffer-gas Cooling"

  10:00am 2. Chad Fertig

"Dipolar spinor Bose gases in optical lattices"

  10:45am   Break

  11:00am 3. Hidetoshi Katori

"Optical lattice clocks toward 10^{-17} uncertainty"

  11:45am 4. Takashi Mukaiyama

"Formation of p-wave Feshbach molecules in an ultracold gas of 6Li atoms"

  12:30pm   Lunch

  2:00pm 5. Masahito Ueda

"Topological Excitations in Bose-Einstein Condensates"

  2:45pm 6. Katsunari Enomoto

"Optical Feshbach resonances of ytterbium atoms"

  3:30pm   Discussions

  4:00pm T1(tutorial #1). John Doyle

"Molecules, the Real Basics",Notes(PDF)

  6:30pm   Conference dinner/reception


24 Wednesday - Collisions and external field effects

  9:00am 7. Robert Forrey

"Ultracold non-reactive scattering, predissociation, and collision induced dissociation"

  9:45am 8. Timur Tscherbul

"External field control of molecular collision dynamics at low temperatures"

  10:30am   Break

  10:45am 9. Eric Hudson

"Method for the production of ultracold molecular ions"

  11:30am 10. Hossein Sadeghpour

"Formation of ultracold and ultralong Rydberg dimers: a new kind of molecular bond"

  12:15pm   Lunch

  2:00pm 11. Hirofumi Sakai

"Recent progress in the orientational control of gas-phase molecules"

  2:45pm 12. Yasunori Yamazaki

"Antihydrogen Synthesis for the CPT symmetry test: Listen to the whisper of the nature"

  3:30pm   Poster Session

  5:30pm T2(tutorial #2). Paul Julienne

"Understanding ultracold atomic and molecular collisions"


25 Thursday - Ultracold molecules

  9:00am 13. Jonathan Weinstein

"Cold collision experiments with anisotropic atoms and molecules"

  9:45am 14. Heather Lewandowski

"Cold Atom-Molecule Collisions"

  10:30am   Break

  10:45am 15. Gary Douberly

"Spectroscopy of Molecular Clusters in 0.4 Kelvin Helium Nanodroplets"

  11:30am 16. Hideto Kanamori

"Cold molecules obtained by He buffer gas cooling and Stark velocity filter"

  12:15pm   Lunch

  2:00pm 17. Tom Bergeman

"Building Databases of Alkali Dimer Quantum Level Energies to Facilitate Production of Ultracold Molecules"

  2:45pm 18. Shin Inouye

"Toward Production of quantum degenerate Bosonic polar molecules 41K87Rb"

  3:30pm 19. Brian Sawyer

"Magnetically trapped polar molecules as collision targets"

  4:15pm   Discussions

  5:30pm T3(tutorial #3). Nick Bigelow

"Making Cold Molecules from Cold Atoms: the Photoassociation Approach"


26 Friday - ultracold molecule and beyond

  9:00am 20. N. Balakrishnan

"Ultracold Reactive Scattering"

  9:45am 21. Peng Zhang

"Electronic Structures and Vibrational Spectra of the ground and low-lying excited states of LiYb"

  10:30am   Break

  10:45am 22. Masatoshi Kajita

"Detection of variance in mp/me by the precise measurement of cold trapped molucules"

  11:30am 23. Student talk Akiko Masaki

"Trapped Bose-Fermi Mixtures with attractive intearctions on one-dimensional optical lattices"

  12:00am 24. Franco Nori

"Designing superconducting qubit circuits that exhibit atomic-physics-like phenomena on a chip"

  12:45pm Workshop ends