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23 Tuesday - Ultracold atoms/Feshbach resonances

  1. (Plenary) John Doyle

"Cold and Ultracold Molecules and Buffer-gas Cooling"
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  2. Chad Fertig

"Dipolar spinor Bose gases in optical lattices"
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  3. Hidetoshi Katori

"Optical lattice clocks toward 10^{-17} uncertainty"
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  4. Takashi Mukaiyama

"Formation of p-wave Feshbach molecules in an ultracold gas of 6Li atoms"
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  5. Masahito Ueda

"Topological Excitations in Bose-Einstein Condensates"

  6. Katsunari Enomoto

"Optical Feshbach resonances of ytterbium atoms"
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  T1(tutorial #1). John Doyle

Molecules, the Real Basics
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24 Wednesday - Collisions and external field effects

  7. Robert Forrey

"Ultracold non-reactive scattering, predissociation, and collision induced dissociation"

  8. Timur Tscherbul

"External field control of molecular collision dynamics at low temperatures"

  9. Eric Hudson

"Method for the production of ultracold molecular ions"

10. Hossein Sadeghpour

"Formation of ultracold and ultralong Rydberg dimers: a new kind of molecular bond"

11. Hirofumi Sakai

"Recent progress in the orientational control of gas-phase molecules"

12. Yasunori Yamazaki

"Antihydrogen Synthesis for the CPT symmetry test: Listen to the whisper of the nature"

T2(tutorial #2). Paul Julienne

"Understanding ultracold atomic and molecular collisions"


25 Thursday - Ultracold molecules

13. Jonathan Weinstein

"Cold collision experiments with anisotropic atoms and molecules"
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14. Heather Lewandowski

"Cold Atom-Molecule Collisions"

15. Gary Douberly

"Spectroscopy of Molecular Clusters in 0.4 Kelvin Helium Nanodroplets"
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16. Hideto Kanamori

"Cold molecules obtained by He buffer gas cooling and Stark velocity filter"

17. Tom Bergeman

"Building Databases of Alkali Dimer Quantum Level Energies to Facilitate Production of Ultracold Molecules"
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18. Shin Inouye

"Toward Production of quantum degenerate Bosonic polar molecules 41K87Rb"
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19. Brian Sawyer

"Magnetically trapped polar molecules as collision targets"
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T3(tutorial #3). Nick Bigelow

"Making Cold Molecules from Cold Atoms: the Photoassociation Approach"
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26 Friday - ultracold molecule and beyond

20. Naduvalath Balakrishnan

"Ultracold Reactive Scattering"
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21. Peng Zhang

"Electronic Structures and Vibrational Spectra of the ground and low-lying excited states of LiYb"
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22. Masatoshi Kajita

"Detection of variance in mp/me by the precise measurement of cold trapped molucules"
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23. Student talk Akiko Masaki

"Trapped Bose-Fermi Mixtures with attractive intearctions on one-dimensional optical lattices"

24. Franco Nori

"Designing superconducting qubit circuits that exhibit atomic-physics-like phenomena on a chip"