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Travel in Tokyo Area & Kyoto

The Narita airport, the point of entry for most from the U.S., is located here: link.

To get from Narita to Tokyo proper, the most convenient method of transportation is the Narita Express (N'Ex). Here are the timetables, fares, and route maps (link).

There are several ways you could purchase tickets on Nex and by extension to Kyoto:

  • a - First, is to buy a Suica card.

    It costs Y2,000 for travel in the Greater Tokyo metro area and with an additional Y1,500, one could purchase the Suica card and use it in place of a ticket on Narita Express to Tokyo. The ordinary ticket on NeX (one way) is Y3,100. This card can be recharged for use on trains and buses in the Tokyo area and more recently on several other cities.

    a-1 - to get to Kyoto, you must purchase the Shinkansen ticket here.

    You do not need to purchase a pass (see item b below). This ticket can be purchased in Japan at a JR office. A good site to search for schedule/fares is here. Another one is here.

  • b - Second, is to buy a Japan Rail (JR) pass

    These passes could be purchased outside of Japan, i. e. before traveling. The cost for a 7-day pass is Y28,300 which includes the Narita Express ticket, JR train passes in the Tokyo area and also travel on Shinkansen to Kyoto. Information on ordering the JR Universal Pass is located here


A very good English-language website for all things Japan is

Another good information site is the Official Japan Tourism site